• Commitment to our Customers

  • Innovation and use of new technologies

  • Excellence in what we do

  • Be in the vanguard

  • Provide an optimal and sustainable solution Giving customers the best product for their needs

  • Reliability, Sollidity, guaranteed efficiency, long-life and versatility are the characteristics that make NELDEN the ideal partner for your bottling lines creation

Bottling Plants in The World

Nelden Industry nel Mondo


  • Complete bottling lines: from small to large productions

  • Decades of experience in Customer Service

  • More than 100 systems installed worldwide 

  • Innovative technical solutions dedicated to the Customer

  • Personalization of Machines

Nelden Bottling Plants are all Over the World. 

Here are a few countries where you can find our Bottling plants :
Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Egypt, Australia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Belarus, Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovakia, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Algeria, Vietnam, Sweden, Nigeria, Georgia, Belgium, Poland , Guatemala, United States (Pennsylvania), Iran